Conflict resolution is a skill.  Expecting your employees to know how to resolve conflicts without giving them the tools they need to succeed is like expecting them to do a job without a tool belt.  Conflict costs your organization, not just in quantifiable dollars and cents, but in morale, employee engagement, and loyalty.  The following statistics are eye-opening.

  • Ineffectively managed conflict is costing businesses millions of dollars per year


  • 85% of employees at all levels experience conflict to some degree


  • U.S. employees spend 2.8 hours per week dealing with conflict equating to approximately $359 billion in paid hours in 2008


  • 27% of employees said they saw conflict morph into personal attacks


  • 25% of employees said that avoidance of conflict resulted in sickness or absence from work


  • 9% of employees saw workplace conflict lead to project failure


  • 89% of employees have experienced workplace conflict that escalated


  • However, roughly 75% of employees report that when conflict was channeled through the right tools and experience, positive outcomes result


  • The common denominator in successful conflict resolution is formal training; however, the majority of employees have never received conflict management training


  • 70% of employees see managing conflict as “critically” important to leadership skill


  • Only 22% of non-management employees think managers handle disagreements well


  • Over 95% of the people receiving conflict resolution training as part of leadership development say it helped them in some way

Source-All statistics taken from CPP Global Human Capital Report, July 2008- Workplace Conflict and How Business Can Harness it to Thrive