I had the great fortune to see the Blue Angels fly this past weekend.  It was the second time I have seen them and it was no less amazing the second time around.  Talk about skill, talk about precision, talk about synchronicity, talk about collaboration!  WOW!  Their performance is nothing short of amazing and must be the result of hours and hours of practice as well as communication and collaboration at the absolute highest level.

Does your work team communicate and collaborate at their highest level?  If not, leadership training in workplace conflict resolution may pay dividends.  Workplace conflict resolution training will provide your team with the tools and practice they need to address tough workplace issues.  The training not only teaches employees to resolve their own disputes (and the business problems that arise from those disputes) but provides ideas for broaching the kind of tough workplace discussions that are usually precursors to a positive sea change within an organization.

If your work team reminds you more of Tasmanian devils rather than the Blue Angels, consider training from a certified trainer!