Workplace Conflict Resolution Services


workplace conflict resolution services acworth kennesaw cartersvilleWhether your organization is large or small, for profit or not-for-profit, private or public, conflict in the workplace is inevitable and costly.  Unresolved workplace conflict:

  • Reduces Productivity
  • Results in lost opportunities
  • Contributes to absenteeism
  • Damages employee loyalty and morale
  • Contributes to bad decision-making
  • Results in turnover, loss of organizational knowledge, and added recruitment costs

DG Workplace Solutions, LLC uses a process of mediating workplace conflicts that results in employee-generated solutions and contributes to the restoration of positive working relationships between employees.  The process is intended to primarily benefit the employer by helping to resolve a business problem, but also benefits the disputants.  DG Workplace Solutions, LLC will work with management to understand and define the business problem, and will also work with the employees who are in dispute.

DG Workplace Solutions, LLC provides third-party workplace conflict resolution services at your worksite that are efficient, convenient, and cost effective.

Ms. Golymbieski founded DG Workplace Solutions, LLC to offer employers the option of early workplace conflict resolution and the possibility of avoiding the high cost of escalating conflict.

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