Workplace Conflict Resolution Training


Employers of choice integrate early conflict resolution into their operations because it contributes to an organizational culture of respectful dispute resolution that attracts and retains top talent, helps contain costs related to workplace conflict, and supports employee productivity and morale.

Training is a key component to integrating workplace conflict resolution into your organization and can be provided to managers, members of the Human Resources Department, or to all employees.  Ms. Golymbieski has successfully completed the Eckerd College Mediation Training Institute Certified Trainer in Workplace Conflict Resolution Program (CT) and has also successfully completed the requirements for certification in the use of the Conflict Dynamics Profile ℠ Individual assessment instrument.

For organizations that seek to reduce workplace conflict and the hard and soft costs associated with it, DG Workplace Solutions, LLC can effectively deliver workplace conflict resolution training designed to meet the needs of your organization.

Ms. Golymbieski founded DG Workplace Solutions, LLC to offer employers the option of early workplace conflict resolution and the possibility of avoiding the high cost of escalating conflict.

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