Workplace Investigations


workplace investigations - cartersville acworth kennesaw north georgiaAllegations of discrimination, sexual harassment, workplace bullying, theft, workplace ethics violations, and other wrongdoing arise in most organizations at one time or another.  DG Workplace Solutions, LLC provides skilled workplace investigation services for your organization.  You may need an independent investigator if:

  • Your organization outsources its Human Resources functions
  • Your general counsel requests an independent investigator
  • Your Human Resources staff has a conflict of interest
  • The subject matter of the investigation is highly sensitive
  • You anticipate that the subject of the investigation will remain with the organization making the services of an outside investigator preferable in order to encourage positive working relationships between employees.

DG Workplace Solutions, LLC will devise a comprehensive investigative plan, review documentary and physical evidence, perform necessary interviews and obtain witness statements, and provide you with an investigative report, which can be used by your management or general counsel to support informed decision-making for your organization.  You retain the workplace investigation services offered by DG Workplace Solutions, LLC on an as-needed basis, resulting in cost savings to you.

Ms. Golymbieski founded DG Workplace Solutions, LLC to offer employers the option of early workplace conflict resolution and the possibility of avoiding the high cost of escalating conflict.

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